Y2K fashion accessories that are still essential in 2022

We have already written an article about fashion trends that have come full circle. Although this article has highlighted the influence of Y2K fashion on what we wear now in terms of clothing, we haven’t really talked about accessories.

Accessorizing is a big part of fashion, it’s the thing that takes your look from a nine out of ten to a perfect ten. Cool kids and fashion people have tapped into fashion trends from the past to give us some of their most interesting looks.

1. Resin Rings

Everything that will be listed in this article is a must, but especially the slices of raisins. You can trust a raisin ring to enhance your look and bring out the youth in you.

2. Chain belts

Chain belts are interesting. I really don’t know how they work, but all that matters is how gorgeous they make outfits look. Girls who understand, understand and girls who don’t understand, no.

3. Multi-layered necklaces

Layered collars have been around longer than many of us youngsters, and they’ve never really gone away. In 2022, if you don’t own a pair, it means you don’t know anything about fashion and style.

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4. Chunky hoops/earrings

Hoops are the villain of props. They make you go from looking like a baby to looking like a bad female dog. The best of fashunz.

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5. Ugly Glasses

Just because they’re called ugly glasses doesn’t mean they’re actually ugly. These glasses are generally designed to be cool, not thin. They’re going to help you look really cool, even if they don’t do much to protect your eyes.

6. Bobs

Gen Zers single-handedly keep the bucket hat industry going. Bucket hats are functional and while not particularly cute, they do work.

7. Mini bags

What more can women store their patience in if not a mini shoulder bag? Mini bags have served us for years for multiple reasons like holding our millions, as well as how little tolerance we have for annoying people.

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