why these crazy shoes are worth every bulb


Lars Byrresen Petersen brings us his all-time favorite heels, from Margiela’s Tabi to Balenciaga’s Lego sandals.

Looking forward to what designers have to offer in terms of footwear is what Lars Byrresen Petersen does best. Freelance fashion journalist and owner of the cult Instagram account @larslala, he documents a huge range of fabulous, edgy and obscene shoes (and the poor feet of models alike the struggle to walk in them.)

Petersen certainly knows a thing or two about shoes, and across roughly 800 images, one common thread on his account is the grim, comedic downgrading of the marks of fit and functionality. Her Instagram account embraces the battle between practicality and beauty, highlighting fashion’s obsession with low-brow pastiche and high-brow absurdity with cheeky captions. Here, Petersen curates his five best shoes of all time.

Maison Martin Margiela Tabis

“The Margiela Tabi will forever be my favorite shoes. I collect them and I have too many pairs (I really only wear three). They’ve been in fashion since their release in 1989, and will stay that way forever. One thing you can count on when wearing Tabis: someone always has something to say, good or bad. I’m not crazy about how much the house is producing right now, but the more people I see wearing them the more I love them and realize that they go well with everything and on everyone. “

Marc Jacobs Spring / Summer 2017

“When I look at fashion, I want to be entertained; I want fun! Marc Jacobs does it brilliantly. From his love of pop culture and his unique sense of style, he truly creates the funniest shoes around. My favorite pair, at the moment, are the platforms from their SS17 collection. Can you imagine one of those super tall platforms with a stylish tailored suit? Simple but so EPIC.

Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga Fall / Winter 2007

“The futurism of these shoes is incredible. I feel like these heels have really been a game-changer. But then, which of Ghesquiere’s drawings for Balenciaga did not? I want to see a bionic human wearing them in the very near future – it will be a visual orgasm!

Glenn Martens for Y / Project Fall / Winter 2018

“The tartan scrunchies that Glenn Martens made for the Y / Project FW18 collection are amazing. I love the way they make the legs extra long and thin, and I love how different they are from any other designer. “

Kobi Levi Gum Pumps

“Honestly, I find these shoes very ugly. But they make me laugh. I’ve always been a fan of people who manage to turn life’s most innocent problems into something brilliant. And that’s exactly what Levi managed to do with these shoes. Once I finally start my TikTok, these will be in the first post!

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