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At 21, Pragya Jain landed her first art exhibition. The artistic journey spanning many places such as New York, Boston, Dhaka, St. Petersburg and of course India was fulfilling, but Pragya wanted to do more. A chance call with her sister, Anugya Ajmera, then a practicing lawyer, led them to think about a range of products whose heart is art. They then roped up their mother, Ila Jain, to help run the operations.

The three began to bring together their aesthetic sensibilities and released some decor accents in 2013 under the brand name Artychoke, a unique fashion and lifestyle brand creating products inspired and imbued with original art. And together, the trio’s collaborative skills made the brand elegant and sassy at the same time.

What started with cushion covers based on the art of Pragya has spread to home accessories, furniture, fashion accessories and now clothing. Today, the brand offers a full range of bespoke furniture, decorations, gifts and art products, and is managed in three cities: Delhi (headquarters, store and production unit), Jaipur and Bengaluru.

“Our goal was to create something that has a modern flair, but at the same time has a hint of classic appeal. Our love and keen interest in ancient art techniques give birth to our collections of occasional furniture, interior decoration, gift boxes and paintings that are sure to take you back in time ”, explains Ila.

Indeed, the core of Artychoke’s design aesthetic lies in the original art. The products first come from Pragya’s canvas, after which the digital prints of these oil and acrylic paintings are transferred to the products to give them their individuality. The parts are then manufactured in their production unit in Delhi.

Pichchwai, clearly, is their calling card. “It is one of the most popular and alluring ancient Indian art forms. We rarely follow design trends and try to create them ourselves. This year our Antique Collection is an ode to ancient and ancient art forms. We have applied Pichchwai to tapestries, upholstery, furniture, hand painted chests, trays and even cutlery holders. It is the uniqueness of applying design in unexpected forms that is most appealing, ”says Pragya.

Anugya, who has digitalized the business and is constantly striving to grow it every day, explains: “Sustainability will be an important part of all trends coming up in 2021. Humans have learned a huge lesson with the unexpected arrival and undesirable from the pandemic. The “clean design” will be in the foreground. ”

The environmentally conscious brand, she explains, has worked on these lines from the start – this is ethically sustainable interior design with originality, imagination and strength at its heart. . “A cruelty-free establishment, although we source our supplies from the planet, we also believe in the importance of giving back. The raw materials are being used to their full capacity, not only for smart production, but also to be honest about the real origin of it all, ”she adds.

In fact, Artichoke recently launched a campaign called The Earth is Our Only Home, which focused on what the pandemic has taught everyone: take nothing for granted, especially our planet. The campaign aimed to raise awareness of the urgent need to reduce its carbon footprint by sourcing locally and respecting the environment.

True to this mantra, the brand is currently working on a new collection with lots of hand drawn designs and hand painted watercolors that give a raw organic feel. “The idea is to keep it simple but fascinating. After all, nothing describes us better than the word Art. It is an integral part of us, of our brand, ”says the trio.


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