Twitter ban kills small online fashion and accessories businesses – Amearypearl


By Ephraim Oseji

House of Amearypearl founder Engineer (Ms) Shyllon Adeola lamented that following the indefinite suspension of Twitter in the country by the federal government, many business activities were affected and many online sellers have lost their business due to their disability. to reach customers whose only means of communication were direct messages on Twitter.

She said “the country’s economy will ultimately be affected as in just four weeks of the ban, many online businesses have collapsed while others are struggling despite the availability of other social media platforms.” .

“Most of the online businesses are related to the influencer marketing space and the reach of that is primarily on Twitter, which is the primary platform. Although some now use VPN services, many customers who make the business functional don’t feel the need and have given up on Twitter. until the government decides to lift the ban, it is crippling for small online businesses and startups.

“Social media, especially Twitter, is what many use to market, campaign and build relationships with their customers and without access to this platform it’s like a death knell for businesses because if suppliers can moving their businesses to other platforms, their posts might not get as much engagement as Twitter is providing ”,

According to Amearypearl, “With the way things are evolving, there is no guarantee that other platforms will not be as affected, so what happens to the entrepreneurs who have defied all challenges to build businesses on the platforms of social media ? The government must consider the effect of policies on the population and not just on its own sensitivities. Actions that push the poverty index must be avoided ”.

She further advocated the need to use social media platforms to boost entrepreneurs’ business activities as a secure means by which they can expand the borders of budding businesses to increase their profits, adding that social media remains a good one. platform for business if used correctly.

“God bless the creator of all social media apps, you can interact with all kinds of people around the world who will be sponsoring your business, and you may even be friends with some. It is unfortunate that some people do not use their social media credentials well. Rather than using it well, they are sloppy in that they block opportunities that can put them on the path to breakthrough. Entrepreneurs shouldn’t fall into this trap because social media is a space where you don’t know who you’re talking to and impressions matter in business, ”she said.

She added that women need to excel in their potential, especially in leadership, wherever they are, even if it’s on social media, adding that they are special beings and tend to excel at things. most critical aspects of life. She warned, however, that doing business on social media comes with challenges. “My challenge is essentially to have to do everything on my own; drop off goods, take orders and have them sorted for delivery.

Another challenge is having to take care of all my clients at the same time. If you spend too much time with one of them, another customer will complain that you are ignoring them.

“Going into business in Nigeria is really not easy, but with consistency, hard work and prayers it will definitely get better,” she said.

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