Quarantine-born fashion and lifestyle brand empowers Filipinos to achieve their dreams

FOOD or fashion?

It’s not uncommon to be faced with choices that either lead you to what you think is more convenient or what you’ve always dreamed of. This was the case for Charisma Gutierrez, founder of the fashion and lifestyle brand Anyo Manila.

She always had a creative side growing up, which she applied to her own unique style. She would have liked to study fashion design at university, but was encouraged to study hotel and restaurant management instead, as it was seen as the most realistic option for business opportunities. Through HRM, she learned a lot about the food industry and even ventured to open her own food stall in Fairview, Quezon City, where she sold Wagyu cubes.

“Food wasn’t exactly my dream business, but I saw the potential for learning, so I decided to give it a try,” Cha explained. “Deep down, I kind of hoped it would become a restaurant that would house a little boutique where I could also design and sell clothes.”

Eventually, the food stand closed. After taking a break to reassess her career path, she thought about starting a new business. The question was, would it be food related, since she had experienced it before, or would it be something else this time, something that was still in her heart and lit a fire inside her?

Eventually, Cha decided that since she had already dabbled in the food industry, it was time to venture into fashion. It was the best time, wasn’t it?

She started preparations in January 2020. She conceptualized the brand name, logo and initial designs. She found her suppliers and formed her lean team that included her marketing partner, two models, a photographer, and a two-in-one pattern maker and seamstress.

The launch of his dreams

In July 2020, Anyo Manila was launched as an online women’s clothing store, right in the middle of the nationwide lockdown.

“The hardest part of the process is selling, especially during the pandemic,” Cha said. “There were times when I doubted my abilities as a designer and wondered if I had made the right decision. But each time I was reminded that this is what I love, and that alone. should keep me motivated.I’m also blessed with a wonderful support system in my team, family and friends.

With hard work and persistence, Anyo Manila has amassed over 20,000 Instagram followers, a slew of followers and influencers, and a product line that has spanned from women’s clothing to kids’ clothing and baby products. the House. Stemming from his love for children and his nephews and nieces, the children’s line is purely customizable through pre-order.

On the other hand, home products surfaced when she created framed artwork from her engagement bouquet of dried flowers. When she posted them on her personal Instagram account, her friends encouraged her to design and sell products that would beautify homes – it seemed more relevant than ever. She then placed her Anyo stamp on cushions, table runners, coasters, tissue boxes and more.

Would Anyo Manila also go into menswear? Cha still thinks about it, but she loves the idea of ​​creating matching outfits for her, her fiancé Miguel and their future children to wear one day.


Inspired by the story of her own brand, Anyo Manila has launched a campaign that urges Filipinos to dream big and work hard to achieve it, however difficult it may be.

What does #DreamInStyleWithAnyo mean? The journey to any dream – from the moment you decide to take the plunge to the moment you can finally say “I did it!” – can be long, unpredictable and even overwhelming. But the ups and downs that we go through are stepping stones towards this dream which also make us stronger, and must therefore be appreciated and savored day by day. With her new campaign, Anyo Manila can help everyone get into the right mindset to achieve their goal, whether it’s through a stylish and comfortable outfit or a beautiful home.

“I believe fashion is a representation of who you are, reduced to your ultimate comfort level,” Cha said. “That’s reflected in Anyo’s clothes – comfortable enough to wear at home and stylish enough to show off. Likewise, our home products were designed to brighten up a home and help people feel motivated. We may be living in uncertain times with this quarantine, but it has also spawned many new dreams, so now we say it’s time to #DreamInStyleWithAnyo.

Anyo Manila is the product of a big dream, struggles, courage, love and everything in between. Its brand role is now to support Filipinos with the same ambition, offering style and comfort to their journey through its products.

“I am grateful for Anyo Manila. If I didn’t go, I would always be repeating ‘what if’ to myself and probably go crazy during this quarantine,” Cha said. “This business can get wildly hectic now, but it’s kind of wonderful because at the end of the day, if you love what you do, you love everything that goes with it.”

To learn more about Anyo Manila and its products, you can visit anyomanila.com, like Anyo on Facebook, and follow @anyomanila on Instagram. SPONSORED CONTENT

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