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Fashion shoe sales rebound after sharp decline as COVID-19 pandemic pushed consumers indoors – but that doesn’t mean shoppers are trading their sneakers for dress shoes just yet .

According to The NPD Group, total sales of fashion footwear in the United States increased 7% year-on-year to $ 2 billion in the first quarter. While men rose 8% to $ 483.1 million, the category of women rose 3% to $ 1.42 billion. The numbers, the market research firm added, increased not only from 2020, but also from the previous year.

Footwear and fashion accessories executive director and industry analyst Beth Goldstein attributed the move to “stronger-than-expected sales in March – likely driven by the relaunch rollout, spring and an earlier Easter. , in addition to the easy comparison with last year, “when the coronavirus epidemic took hold in the United States

However, she explained, “while almost all types of footwear have improved from 2020 as expected, in the fashion space it is the more casual, comfort and leisure categories that are the most popular. continued to perform better and increased from 2019. “Goldstein added that” dressier fashion styles continued to struggle “and remained down double digits from 2019.

A bright spot for the sub-sector was the performance of children’s fashion footwear, whose sales increased 78% to $ 142.9 million. This growth has been attributed to the Easter shift and the reopening of schools across the country.

Experts have suggested that a gradual return to the office and the willingness to travel after vaccination could boost demand for certain types of fashion footwear, but comfort will always remain a key consideration for consumers. During his conference call with fourth-quarter analysts, Steve Madden CEO Ed Rosenfeld said the shoe maker was starting to see a boost in sandals and certain clothing styles that typically occur in the spring.

“In the sandals category, we are doing very well,” he said at the end of February. “We have flat sandals that the customer really responds to – and even dress sandals, anything with big jewelry in it. [and] oversized embellishment [as well as] woven.

In its report, NPD also noted that total sales of leisure footwear in the United States jumped 41% to $ 4.3 billion from the period a year earlier, with men and women climbing respectively. from 39% to $ 2 billion and from 45% to $ 1.3 billion. Children, meanwhile, rose 39% to $ 973.9 million.


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