Lifestyle brands during the holiday season-Kuldeep Singh



It’s no rocket science that we Indians are keen to celebrate our holy festivals, feelings in these happy times are at their peak for literally everyone. No matter what income group we belong to, we all love to go out of our way to make this a celebration to remember.

While the holiday season is when all fashion and lifestyle brands across the country make most of their annual sales, it won’t be the same this year. Considering the fear caused by covid’19, social distancing and limited mobility as well as the losses that all business entities suffered during the 3 months of nationwide lockdown, the spending capacity has dramatically increased. decreased, which ultimately led customers to resist their urge to shop.

Nonetheless, all companies and brands, big and small, are on the right track to recover from the impact of the pandemic and sales growth is definitely on the cards as consumer sentiment is slowly but surely increasing, that being the case. says the anxiety on leaving the house remains intact as corona positive cases in India are increasing every day, which gives the upper hand to brands present in e-commerce in this uncertain scenario.

The accessibility of digital shopping media as well as increased screen time on social media, most brands are leveraging their presence in e-commerce with a strong focus on relevant content on their media handles social while also focusing on collaborations with influencers and allowing customers to finally indulge in some “feel good shopping spree” by enticing them with heavy seasonal and festive discounts via WhatsApp, email and sms. Although e-commerce may still face some challenges in terms of supply chain disruptions and partial foreclosure. But demand is booming as the last quarter of the year is usually the happiest time of the year.

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