Jonah Hill on fashion: “Clothes are not for” overweight people “to look stylish”



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Nov 17, 2020 1:55 PM

Jonah Hill is fast becoming a fashion icon, but there was a time when the Oscar-nominated actor thought that dream was unattainable.

Hill caught up GQ and discussed breaking down barriers for himself.

“I think the biggest change in my personal style was that I’ve always had an interest in personal style and fashion, but I’ve always been a bigger guy,” the Wolf of Wall star explained. Street “.

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“It’s really hard when you’re overweight to dress a certain way because the clothes aren’t made for overweight people to look stylish,” Hill noted. “So I think that surprises people. “

The stigma is something that follows Hill even to this day: “I’ll hear someone discussing my place in fashion or whatever, and people are like, ‘This guy? The schlubby guy from “Superbad?” “”

Ultimately, it was about shedding the weight of the preconceptions and prejudices of others.

“The idea was to realize, whether I’m tall or short, that I can really define my own personal style,” he said. “I think I was conditioned to [criticism] based on my acting career.

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“Because (A) being overweight and (B) comedy, you’re not supposed to be all the rage on either of those sides,” Hill continued. “When I was starting out in acting, you were laughed at if you cared about fashion, but I always did.”

He did it as an actor in comedies. He did it as an actor in dramas. Why should fashion be any different?

“I’m just like, ‘Wait, how many times do I have to tell myself that I can’t do something? “I did all of these things that I was told I couldn’t do,” he concluded. “Just keep going, keep going on the journey of being in the shit you’re in.”


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