Jewelry designs and fashion accessories need a makeover in Bollywood: Tiara Dhody

Model, fashion designer and writer Tiara Dhody, daughter of fashion and jewelry designer Queenie Singh, is not only the daughter of famous parents! She is a creative and talented designer and recently launched a men’s jewelry collection. She also designed a ready-to-wear line Pret for women. She has designed jewelry for Richard Caring, Yash & Avanti Birla, Shobha De and many more. She said: “It’s in my genes to be creative and work as a designer, because of my parents, but it’s also important to get out of the shelter and do something on my own. That’s why I thought men’s jewelry would be an interesting area to experiment with.”

During the pandemic, Tiara designed an exclusive line of gloves and accessorized it for the modern consumer. She said: “I felt that gloves were as important as masks during the pandemic. And if masks have been improved and revamped by designers, why not gloves? Gloves are also an interesting accessory. I thought it was important that the gloves get a makeover.”

Tiara loves to write and likes to put her ideas on paper. She also wrote a book – a compilation of short stories, five years ago in 2019. It is called “Unmasking”, the book revolves around the problems of women, their inability to express themselves, the pressures they are under. faced and their vulnerability. The book was launched by popular author and columnist Shobha De and businessman, writer and columnist Suhel Seth.

She said, “I felt strongly that women’s issues need to be highlighted. It is not just about their rights, but also about how they are unable to speak their mind and compromise in various situations throughout their lives. My news revolves around these areas. Currently, I am also working on my second book and it will be released soon.” Tiara also hosted her own art exhibition some time ago.

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