Israeli fashion designer launches independent fashion and lifestyle brand



Fashion designer and lecturer Anat Hefetz, who has worked outside Israel for the past decade, returned to Israel and started an independent project fashion and lifestyle brand – KAWAYAN.
The launch event took place at the Braverman Gallery. Many of Hefetz’s friends were invited, including colleagues from Shenkar College, where she is a speaker and host, industry colleagues, family members and close friends.

Along with silk garments, hats, bags and leather garments, Hefetz showcased a series of dozens of bamboo canes that she engraved and painted, as well as original collaborations with jewelry designer Bili Sander and the ceramist Esti Castro.

Anat Hefetz launches independent fashion and lifestyle brand – KAWAYAN (Photo credit: ITZIK BIRAN)
Hefetz created the collection while living in the Philippines, where she had the honor of exhibiting at the famous Ayala Museum.

The exhibition was a great success, received extensive coverage by local media and will soon be shown in Vietnam. Complimenting Hefetz on his impressive collection: proud husband Shmulik Weiss, Professor Yitshak Kreiss, Adia Suari, fashion experts Leah Peretz, Dorin Frankfurt, Tamara Yuval Jones, Kedem Sasson and others.


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