Holiday Social Media Tips for Fashion and Lifestyle Merchants

Social media helps current and potential customers feel valued, valued and informed. It inspires confidence.

To entice holiday shoppers to come to a smaller store instead of, say, a leading brand, go the extra mile – from product selection and customer service to marketing to unique campaigns on social networks.

The most effective retail campaigns are personalized, focusing on the moods and feelings of a buyer. Personalized campaigns keep customers coming back, referring friends and most importantly not asking for returns or exchanges.

Run holiday social media campaigns through channels, such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest.

4 ways to use social media

Inform. Social media information campaigns let your followers know about specials, promotions, featured products, vacation lines, and gift boxes. Here are some examples:

  • Percentage reduction on the whole site or on any line or product.
  • Holiday-themed gift wrap with every order for subscribers.
  • Holiday gift boxes available during a certain period.
  • Last minute overnight shipping for late buyers.

Neiman Marcus uses Instagram to let shoppers know about discounted products and unique holiday gifts.

Educate. Educational campaigns aim to give your existing and potential customers valuable, preferably proprietary, information that they cannot find elsewhere. Information can be presented in several formats, such as how-to texts, videos, graphics and infographics. It may or may not be blocked, residing on your website or on a social media property.

You can, for example, show your customers how to style and wear products, what to cook and how to decorate. Research the topic thoroughly and make it unique. It will pay off.

Showing influencers with your products in their lookbooks, style guides, or product reviews can also be effective.

Vacation-related testimonials are also valuable social media content. Don’t underestimate social proof. Ask customers to talk about your merchandise, promotions, and customer service.

To entertain. Holiday social media entertainment campaigns should be thematic. They should boost the morale of your customers, to help them feel the spirit of the season. Use appropriate graphics, videos, images, and text. Hashtags should trigger vacation emotions.

Shoppers are bombarded with holiday sales offers. Be different. Instead of asking buyers for money, offer something fun. Put smiles on their faces.

Examples of entertaining social media content are vacation quotes, humorous product-related videos, and anything cute. Each social channel requires a different approach.

Interact. Engage with your customers on social networks. Ask them what they like, what they want and what you can do to improve their life. This is the opportunity to connect without asking for a purchase.

Give your customers as much as you can: quality, quantity, gifts, packaging, gift wrapping, customer service, promotions and unique information. Consider customer-centric surveys, polls and contests. Don’t overthink it. Ask questions and provide comprehensive, thoughtful, and timely answers.

Examples of holiday promotions

Focus on quality, superior service, premium prices, and excessive donations. The more unique your products, the less competition there is. Spend money on stylish packaging and valuable gifts with every purchase (dramatically reducing returns and exchanges). Rate your lines high enough to have room for big vacation discounts. Most retailers never offer discounts on new arrivals, for example. Maybe you should.

In my experience, an effective social media promotional calendar includes:

  • Thanksgiving and Black Friday. Up to 35% off sitewide.
  • Cyber ​​Monday. Up to 30 percent off Sitewide plus free ground shipping.
  • Week before Christmas. Up to 20% off sitewide. Before final deadlines, offer free 2-day delivery, then free overnight delivery for last minute buyers.

As with every social channel, consider these vacation campaign ideas.

  • Instagram is a key vacation channel. Implement all aspects of your vacation marketing strategy.
  • Pinterest is not only a social media platform, but also a search engine, responsible for 5% of referral traffic to many retailers. Make sure your keywords reach the boards and pins where you display holiday product lines, gift sets, gift baskets, and promotions.
  • Youtube. Create videos for lookbooks, tutorials, and previews for next season.
  • Facebook. Your Facebook group should be your most engaged customers and prospects. Save your most generous promotions for this channel. Do as many live sessions as you can. Don’t aim for perfection. Buyers can relate to an actual presentation. It adds a human factor. Go live and talk about what you can offer your community this holiday season.
  • Snapchat works like a charm for young consumers. Take photos and present your holiday specials.

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