Fraudster Antony Betchley used his girlfriend’s bank account to get payday loans for cocaine


A fraudster used his girlfriend’s bank account to get payday loans to fund a growing cocaine habit.

Antony Betchley used his trust to secure loans worth a total of £ 1,500, leaving him to foot the bill and the interest.

The 26-year-old has admitted two misrepresentation fraud charges in Colchester Magistrates’ Court.

On July 1 he took out a £ 500 loan from Pounds to Pockets in his name and on the same day he successfully applied for a £ 1,000 loan from Piggybank using his contact details.

Stephen Sparkes, prosecuting, told the court he told his ex-partner that he was putting money into his account because of a problem with his and asked him to transfer part of the l ‘money.

She didn’t know they had been taken out on her behalf until the payments started coming out of her account.

When he defrauded the companies and her he also gave continued payment authority and she discovered £ 372 had been cut.

Mitigating Selena Dines said Betchley, of Campernell Close, Brightlingsea, had “a bit of a cocaine habit” and tested positive when arrested.

District Judge John Woollard fined him £ 350 and £ 100 for both counts of fraud.

Scaffolder Betchley was ordered to reimburse £ 372 as compensation along with costs and charges.

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