Fashion shoe fetishist @larslala on AW19’s best shoes


The anonymous Instagramer selects his favorite shoes from the season

When you’re seated in the front row of your 4,756th runway show in a given fashion season, sometimes even the smallest detail can slip away: a sculpted necklace of two women making scissors? Or the handbag designed to look like a cable car? Blink and you might have missed them during AW19.

The anonymous founder of @larslala – the IG account documenting some of the best, craziest and most radical shoes both on and off the catwalk.

From Y / Project’s mid-top Uggs and gold moon boots courtesy of Jeremy Scott, to Kira Goodey’s vagina shoes and those monster feet Xander Zhou: good, bad or downright ugly, you’ll find them all glued to @larslala’s carefully curated grid. And that’s before you even start on all of baby’s toes taking a break.

Now that the AW19 shows wrapped up last week, we brought in the fashion reporter behind @larslala to pick her favorite shoe styles for the upcoming season. Buckle up (literally, when it comes to at least two of them).


“What’s not to love about the AW19 Y / Project boots by Glenn Martens? Not only is the construction breathtakingly simple, but it has a visual impact unmatched by any other designer this season. With many designers ranked higher as stylists these days, given that it’s really not that hard to copy a piece of clothing from the local thrift store, Martens is continually coming up with new silhouettes and I for one am quite into it. there for that.


“What I appreciate most about GmbH is that in addition to producing conceptual yet wearable clothing, founders Benjamin Alexander Huseby and Serhat Isik constantly highlight and comment on socio-political issues, including racism and homophobia. They constantly challenge ideas about what was deemed “ugly” by the white society in which they grew up. You can imagine my excitement when I saw the elongated heel they showcased on their Fall / Winter 2019 show: that all Middle Easterners wear long nosed shoes. Gorgeous!”


“Can you imagine, as an old raver – and by old I’m referring to my age and not how I used to rave, because I still do a lot – what it does to you when pairs and pairs and pairs of fluorescent and UV shiny heels hurtling down the track in front of you? that makes me go right away unce, unce, unce, unce, unce, unce ‘and I love it. In fact, Anthony Vaccarello has been killing the shoe game since his debut season at the Legendary House: not because he’s releasing something particularly new, but because he seems to know exactly what people crave at any given time. given. Well done!”


“I wasn’t sold on Versace this season, but there were still at least a few items that I was strangely interested in: especially those bloody red strappy stilettos that featured levels of diva-esque bling. I loved it. how extra they were, like the shoes of a 22nd century roman warrior princess, please ladies and gentlemen and everyone in between if you decide to buy these divas do NOT wear them with a pair of basic jeans, they deserve so much better!


“I’ve never been a fan of sock-shoes all the time. To be honest, the only ones I liked were the Tabis socks by Matthieu Blazy for Maison Martin Margiela Artisanal. But if I ever had to acquire a pair that wasn’t this one, it would be a pair that a woman with a knack for messy glamor could wear upon returning from a twelve hour bender that I would like to get her hands on. . Something I think Marco de Vincenzo has achieved when it comes to these amazing stiletto heels. Love!”


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