Fashion lifestyle influencer Milana Koroleva takes the fashion industry by storm




Milana Koroleva is the name of the fashion and social media industry that has been on top for a long time. She has been one of the most followed lifestyle influencers on social media with over 437,000 followers on her Instagram and 114,000 followers on her YouTube channel. Milana is from Bikin, Russia. is the hot topic over the years.

Fashionista Milana Korolevais is a very experienced in the fashion industry and has played many roles in the industry itself be it as a model, TV host, journalist etc. She has worked for various international TV channels such as the author of TV Channel Capital’s host. program between 2010-2013, TV presenter “Fashion TV” 2013-2016 TV presenter World Fashion Channel (6th Fashion Week in Milan), 2013-2014 fashion columnist for L’Officiel magazine (interview column), author’s program “Russian Couture” on Russian Designers on Fashion TV, the “Fashion Week in Milan” program on the World Fashion Channel.

Over the years Milana has worked continuously and gained a lot of experience and has been known as one of the most recognized personalities in the fashion world and has so much influence. Due to her tremendous work in the field of fashion, she also received many awards, such as April 19, 2012 in Moscow, Milan received the “Best Of The Best 2012” award in the “Face of Russian Fashion TV” nomination “. In 2011, Fashion TV won the award in the “Best Fashion TV Presenter of the Year” nomination. In 2012, the Fashion TV channel awarded the Russian Couture program with Milana Koroleva with a prize in the nomination “The best fashion show on TV”

In her personal life, Milana Koroleva is like any other woman who has a beautiful family with a husband and two children. She handles her role as a mother and influencer with a grace that truly appreciates. As a blogger and lifestyle influencer, Milana has been truly remarkable and inspiring to her audience. She has become the role model because of her work-life balance for young women around the world.

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