Fashion lifestyle icon Brando Chiesa’s recent collaboration with Trippie Redd and Dropdead Clothing brings him to the forefront of the industry

We have long heard of people who rely on their laurels after achieving great success in their respective industries and who do little to innovate in their fields, thinking that they have succeeded. However, high performing entrepreneurs and professionals like Brando Chiesa are proving otherwise and showing the world how essential it is to never take anything for granted and to constantly innovate and find new ideas to work on in all industries to keep going. to give birth to new concepts that can take the industry as a whole to a new level of success. Brando Chiesa did this in the fashion industry as a young self-taught Italian fashion designer and entrepreneur with his brand Brando Chiesa.

From getting into the world of tattooing and becoming a great tattoo artist and illustrator to finding his peace in designing clothes and apparel in the fashion space, Brando Chiesa understood his purpose in life and since then has never stopped working. Amidst so much going on in the world, Brando Chiesa still made efforts to keep collaborating with other well-known fashion brands to maintain the momentum of the industry. He recently made more headlines when he teamed up with sportswear brand, Revenant RV NT, for Milan Fashion Week, curating a mesmerizing collection called Fall Winter 2022.23 Collection.

This success hasn’t stopped him, and he recently collaborated for Trippie Redd and Dropdead clothing with the Rose in Good Faith brand. Oliver Sykes, who besides being the lead singer of rock band Bring Me the Horizon and a famous British singer and songwriter, is the owner of Dropdead clothing. Trippie Redd, on the other hand, is one of the most heard and popular names in the American rap and hip-hop scene as an artist. This particular collaboration has once again brought Brando Chiesa to the forefront of the fashion industry worldwide.

Whether it is his designs, his meticulous workmanship or his specific styles, and of course the comfort he provides on top of that, all these reasons and many more have made him what people call lifestyle icon.

Don’t miss any updates on her latest collections and follow her brand on Instagram @brando__xoxo.

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