DLF Promenade launches Digiverse of Fashion, Lifestyle & Beyond with ‘DLF Promenade Blogazine’



Delhi’s ultimate shopping and experience hub, DLF Promenade introduced a whole new approach to engaging and entertaining customers by launching India’s first interactive magazine of its kind – DLF Promenade ‘Blogazine’.

A landmark innovation from DLF Promenade, Blogazine is a clever fusion of a web blog and a classic interactive, immersive and dynamic magazine. It allows the reader to engage with brands for fashion and lifestyle ideas and inspiration. With celebrity articles in each issue as well as interviews, editorial lookbooks, industry scoops, an international perspective and expert opinions, Blogazine is an editorial assemblage designed and curated to keep readers interested in its content. visually captivating, refined and focused. Whether it’s donning the shirt or visual makeup tips, it’s like the content speaks to you, giving you all the information you need.

The first edition of Blogazine was launched with Indian actress Huma Qureshi as the initiative face and cover model posing exclusively for DLF Promenade and its brands.

Pushpa Bector, Executive Director of DLF Retail, said: “DLF has played a central role in introducing new concepts in the past and through Blogazine we want to extend the consumer experience beyond shopping. Blogazine will serve as a one-stop-shop for today’s fashion lovers in an ever-changing media landscape and strengthen DLF’s position as an industry thought leader. Over the next few months, we aim to expand it further by bringing all DLF properties together under one roof of advanced, inspiring, inclusive and relevant new-age content for all, evolving it into a digiverse lifestyle for DLF. Retail.

Commenting on the launch, Siddharth Natu, Associate Vice President and Head of Center, DLF Promenade, said: “Whether it’s shopping among an exciting range of iconic brands or being in an environment that was envisioned to be unique and experiential, DLF Promenade has always thrived to delight its customers season after season. In accordance with this commitment, we are delighted to present “Blogazine” to you; an interactive new age blog + magazine for fashion lovers. Today, DLF Promenade offers an unmatched urban fashion experience in more ways than one for consumers and retailers and with this blogazine we aim to be the voice of fashion and promise to continue to find creative ways beyond the expectations by creating content that breaks the wall of indifference.

The magazine will be available in multiple formats including microsite, PDF and blog posts at www.dlfpromenade.com for fashion enthusiasts, making it accessible anytime and anywhere.


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